Financial Goals & Missionary Projects Report


Greetings in the great name of Chief YAHUWAH!

I want to give you an update on the projects and how they are coming along, since the last letter about our financial goals and missionary projects.

We were able to purchase the mini-van; now I am able to trave1 distances and take family, and am actually able to carry suitcases with us now, or the guitar.

When we went out to Tennessee to pick up the mini-van, Dr. Robertson of Lawrenceburg donated to the ministry a Toyota camper truck. We are very grateful to YAHUWAH for this blessing. I am planning to use it for going to towns which are at some distance and cover them with tracts. This will save on Motel bills! It saves me from having to sleep on the ground somewhere (which I would do if by myself, rather than get a Motel). Ofcourse it will be a blessing to use when attending the Feasts, when I come alone.

I am also thankful to sister Abiyah for being on the warpath in prayer for us.

I am planning to cover Bandera Texas with the "Bandera" tract. Also I would like to cover Iowa Park Texas with the indian booklet. I am also planning to hit a few towns in Oklahoma and Louisianna.

Still hoping to purchase an evangelistic tent and school bus, YAHUWAH willing!

I've had a bit of a financial set back, because the mini-van had to have the brakes completely overhauled, they were rusted up real bad, evidently from exposure to salt, probably from up north. And a few other things like the air conditioner, and the electric windows. It cost me 1,600 total. Yes its a bit discouraging.

Also brother Cliff Addison out in Arkansas is putting some of these studies on the sacred name of YAHUWAH on the internet. That addess is

Before giving you the update on the missionary projects, I want to back up a little bit and tell you what we have already accomplished down in the area of Clifton Texas.

I was impresed back in 1992 to cover the whole town of Clifton and Meridian, including everything out in the country with the little booklet entitled "Three Months with the Wild Indians" by Ole T. Nystle. He was a Lutheran, but because of his experience with the Indians he was awakened to reality and became a true believer, which led him to the Bible religion, where in he became a Seventh Day Adventist. There are five fairly large Lutheran churches in the area. Since his booklet exposes some of the Lutheran teachings like "infant baptism" and Sunday keeping; it also exposes the Roman church; so I thought it would be a good book for the old timers around there who know about him. These things did not happen in a closet. And why not inform everyone else around there, So back when my wife and I were courting, we and the Smith family of Alvarado, took on this project, which took several Sabbaths. I think it was about 3000 booklets in all.

Ole T. Nystel raised up the first Seventh Day Adventist church in Texas. The Holy Spirit told me that because of this experience that Ole went through, would result in quite a harvest. And many would remember the offering of Ole T. Nystel and endure the pains of keeping the Seventh Day Sabbath in the face of persecutton, coming soon.

So I was impressed after reading this booklet to do this. Later with the help of Tony Suckla, Bill Hollon and his daughter Christina, we covered all of Clifton and Meridian proper with cards offering a free book (The Great Controversy).

We received over thirty responses for this free book. The book that we gave them in person was "The New Illustrated Great Controversy".

I have over fifty of the Ole T. Nystel booklets left over, if anyone would like to read this interesting story, just drop me a note and let me know, you will be glad you did.

Send anything to help cover the cost if you can.

I related this burden to Charles Wheeling, and gave him the booklet, he helped me out and blanketed the town of Clifton with "Whats Behind the New World Order' through the mail box.

I praise YAHUWAH for his generosity. I've also gone door to door selling (sometimes giving) the paperback book "America in Prophecy".

So as part of my last endeavour that I am aware of for now, I've been trying to cover Clifton once again, but this time with the Lutheran tract. This tract basically asks the question, How come Lutherans don't believe like Martin Luther? It has a picture from Luther's illustrated New Testament showing a woman riding a beast. The Mother [of] Harlots, the church of Rome. On the back it upholds the seventh day Sabbath from Lutheran resources. Brother Bill Matheson has helped me to reach about half the town, and we still have the other half to do.

The "Joshua" project I work on Sabbaths while the children are taking their naps, I go out for a couple of hours in the country driving door to door, handing out this flyer. (The "Joshua" tract for Joshua Texas). Sister Roseli of Alvarado helped me one Sabbath and we covered a large section of town. Joshua proper is about half done, but there is a lot in the country which takes a long time. I would say the whole project is about a third done.

The Sabbath after New Years I hit some country between Keene and Joshua with "The Star of Their God" booklet, probably about 150 to mostly Adventists.

At Thanksgiving time our little family and my dad made a trip back to Tennessee, to visit my wife's family. The day after Thanksgiving I went into McEwen to pass out the Indian booklet. Their team color is red, and knowing this ahead of time, I made the covers of the booklet red. It was received very well. The high school team is called the "Warriors', which has to do with Indians.

While passing out these Indian booklets I came to the area of McEwen where the Catholic church was, and across the street was a large fair ground, where they have a big celebration once a year in honor of 'Saint Patrick', it's called 'St. Patricks Irish Picnic'. Where they Bar B Q pork. Which they eat to spite the Jews and their law. Someone told me it was the worlds largest pork eating feast.

As I was passing out these Indian booklets in this area I couldn't help but think of what the readers would find in the Indian booklet about Patrick, how he actually contended against Catholicism, and was so liked by the common people that the Catholic church had to 'saint' him in order to take over. I knew YAHUWAH wanted this booklet to reach these folks. I passed out about 400, and covered half the town of McEwen.

I've also been working on Alvarado with the Indian booklet. Alvarado proper is half done. I haven't started in the country yet. The purple cover and yellow pages really capture the interest, the people are glad to get them. As I pass them out and people find them, I see them reading it with interest. Handing out the Indian booklet in Alvarado, and the Joshua tract in Joshua, is like dropping a worm in a little birdy's mouth. They eat it up.

It's my prayer that in the time of trouble just before us, they will remember the things they read, and take a stiff stand for the truth. But I must look at the reality side of it too, it might bring some persecution. But the messengers of YAHUWAH have nothing to do with consequences. But I pray it will help the folks arm themselves against the last day delusions.

All who love the truth should unite against the common enemy. That is the Devil and his girl friend the Mother of Harlots; the Roman church system.


"Shoot at her, spare no arrows." Jeremiah 50:14

"Speed the swift messengers."



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